C.S.I.S. Virus

Well the latest to get picked on is CSIS…
There’s a “canadian security intelligence virus” making the rounds that pops up a window that looks like C.S.I.S.'s website and tells you that you’ve been caught surfing kiddie porn and blocked from Internet access until you pay a $100 fine with the uKash link.
Scared the daylights out of the guy who brought it in, it even links to CSIS’s official site. Had to tell him it’s the RCMP that goes after kiddie porn and they don’t put notices on your computer and fine you $100, they kick your door down and march you off in handcuffs.
Update your antivirus & java to clear it. Safe Mode with networking.

Interesting. I just cleared a variation of this out of a friend’s system here in Oregon. A popup looking like a security program that informs you about trojan infections and kiddy porn on your computer.

Fortunately, this friend called me before clicking on anything. Cleaned it with Malwarebytes. Appears to have arrived by a Java update that was redirected. Turned off Java updating till I learn more about this.


I recommend to anyone that if you have a program that runs on Java or if you need Java you’re doing something wrong in your computer life. Installing Java or Java-dependant programs = virus and malware infection. You don’t need it. There are alternatives.

Limewire / Frostwire / Haywire all run on Java for example. Use Bittorrent or buy your stuff legit instead. It will be about the same in the cost once your software needs to be repaired. XD

Good info on that though.

It is a Java exploit. Lots of those now that’s who Java’s updating every week now.
It’s morons who won’t do the updates, chickenshit users who shouldn’t be allowed near a computer.
THREE Win 7 systems in, they were too scared to allow MS updates. Had to manually install SP1. Fer fun sakes it’s been out over a year.
SIX Netbooks in this week. Some reason people think you don’t need an antivirus on ‘little’ computers? One had the sample Norton that ran out two years ago, the other 5 none at all.
Almost every virus came from a Frostwire download.

untangle box = blocks this :smile:

Hmm. Not one was on our Internet service. That might be why! Come to think of it, we’re doing few virus repairs for our own clients.
I better shut those damn things off. They’re costing me money!!!