Bylaw Officer gets assaulted and Where are the RCMP


I heard,

That our newer bylaw officer got assaulted on the job with the RCMP not doing a thing. He was told to go to a house on Piggit 3 days in a row regarding some pit bulls running at large. Day one the owner was apologetic, day 2 the owner was a little angry, and day 3 the owner assaulted the bylaw officer. Now he’s home with broken ribs after being throat punched and falling down an imbankment. The assailant went back to Alaska and from what I heard and no charges were layed. This young girl may seen petit but has MMA training and has been an athlete her whole life and should not get off this easy after assaulting a upstanding Prince Rupert citizen.


Heard the same thing too, just absolutely stupid, but one of many stupid sh*t happening lately.

Hopefully she gets the karma she deserves by the way, Ronda Rousey style.


She should be charged with something , especially if she has had some form of mma training …which I belive in the real world …is for defense only purposes …RCMP seem pretty spineless .


Something tells me we’re not getting all of the information. I find it hard to believe that the system would turn a blind eye to an assault on a bylaw officer.


I have heard this story from multiple people and I can’t imagine this new bylaw office overstepping his power. I believe that you CrazyMike know this guy better than most of us but from what I have seen he is very a understandable and reasonable. I am sure that the truth will come out eventually.


Just to be clear, I didn’t say that he overstepped his power. I just know that the court system is complex and sometimes what looks like failure to act, is actually something else.


our bylaw officer is well headed and wouldn’t provoke an attack


Here’s a story relating to the incident.

Prince Rupert RCMP are asking the public for information after a city bylaw officer was injured last month.
Police say they were called to an incident February 17th shortly before 6 p.m. outside a home in the 1400 block of Piggot Place.
When Mounties arrived on scene, they found the bylaw officer in need of medical attention. The city employee was taken to hospital to be examined.
Police took a 28-year-old woman into custody, but she was released without charges while the police investigate.
Anyone with information about the altercation should contact the Prince Rupert RCMP detachment or Crimestoppers.


There’s got to be more to the story.

The bylaw officer in question is a bully. He’s been rude, inconsiderate and aggressive to myself, and many other people. It’s my understanding that he has received numerous complaints from various people.

In my dealings with him, he has left me feeling threatened and scared. I don’t believe this man should be in a position of power.

That being said, violence is never the answer.


He is a great guy. One of the nicest people in Rupert in my opinion. Just because you had an enforcement issue with him and did not like being told NO or that you cannot just do what you like does not make him a bully.


That is just BS. There is no way he acted in any fashion to anyone.


Really? I’ve met the guy and he’s friendly and polite.


yes really, I have no reason to lie about him, I don’t even know who assaulted him.

All I know is how he treated me.
He yelled at me and pointed his finger in my face over a ticket dispute, he came within 5 inches of my face in the court house hall and told me that I had better “pay my tickets or else” as I was against a wall.
(I won my dispute btw)

Not too long ago he came to my house and was peeking through windows - prior to knocking on the door.

disclaimer - I work downtown, sometimes I’m parked beyond the limit and I get a legitimate ticket. I pay them off 2 - 3 times a year, when the letter comes…but they do accumulate. Still no reason to be bullied or threatened by him.


Perhaps all bylaw officers should have self defence training , and subject to background checks prior to being hired…
It usually takes two to tangle !
The r.c.m.p. never placed charges for a good reason… :wink:


This particular bylaw officer is a retired Sheriff. He’s had plenty of training and plenty of background checks. He’s far more qualified to look after himself than any bylaw officer we’ve ever had.


I have met him before…
He seems to be a good man … I can not see him behaving badly , know one deserves to be assaulted for doing there job !
I hope the city will consider giving him a raise !