Bye Bye to the only good pizza in town

Very sad to see yet another Asian food menu replacing La Cucina…Boooooooooo!!!
Really miss the way it was run by Brenda and Joe, it was truly great then.
Hey, I’ll try it but was really hoping the original purpose of the wood stove was going to continue.
Wish them a very successful run and I hope it’s a great place to go, I just had hoped a good Italian menu was going to be available again.

god like we need more asian food in this town
we need it like we need more

guessing they didnt do market research we have too many chinese restaurants.

i want tacos!!!

I’ll give them a try.  When do they open?

I was speaking with some Viets and was told they will continue with some of the food which was already on the La Cucina menu. It should prove to be very interesting watching the five Viet. battle it out for the best.

I guess we should be happy that somebody is willing to start a business here.  Really though, could it not have been a different type of cuisine!

Has anybody tried the Subs at the new poolroom, they are good especially the hot ones.

It hasn’t really rained at all in the last month, just these past few days

You liked it that much? The pizza was okay, but just barely okay and most (all?) of the other food was pretty whatever. I could eat as well buying convenience food from Safeway but could have probably saved myself a few bucks.

It will be interesting to see what the new place is like.

really?!?!? La Cucina had excellent food - I’ve been there many timee (thru both owners) and I was never disappointed, I thought the food was excellent!!

Yeah. I’m really surprised it’s spoken highly of because I’ve always thought it was pretty mediocre (at best). I wondered if people just thought it was good because they knew the owners, or it had been around a while or maybe it was because there just really wasn’t many better choices.

The original owners were the best
the guy who just sold it ruined the place
the pizza’s were just okay…panago still the best

I agree with you there, Panago is the BEST but I did like La Cucinas’ lasagna even though I had to wait over half an hour for it !  We already have so many Asian restaurants though and speaking of, what is happening with The Bamboo Shoot, anyone been there and what is it like?

Ugh, panago. I only go there if I want to eat cheap cheese on a chunk of cardboard. La Cucina had the closest to authentic Italian pizza in town. And I like Zorbas best in general.

Should I make the most controversial and possibly slanderous speculative comment on HTMF that rewards itself beyond having a simple place on wasteland?  :imp:

Panago has good pizza??? Seriously??  The cheese is like rubber and the crust is like cardboard!!  The veggies and meat have never tasted the way they should.

Rodhos is the pizza place for me.  Chicken Supreme and baked lasagna is the good stuff!

Well, that sure is cryptic !  I wonder what that could be  :confused:

Yep.  Now that La Cucina is gone that’s where I get my pizza from.  :laughing:

LA CUICINA’S is now a restaurant that does more Vietnamese food good stuff for some reason there’s like 8 of those restaurants  they seem to be the only ones that survive lol