By our name they shall come to fear us!

The arrival of the Port of Prince Rupert on the international shipping scene seems to have spooked our friends below the 49th parallel just a little bit.

Over the last week or so a couple of news items have popped up across the Podunkian newswire that show that the Fairview Container port is being perceived as a rather looming threat to the business models due south of Vancouver…

(from  the blog a town called podunk,  click on the link below to see the entire article … 2241964290 )-

It’s funny to see how they spin things just to make Prince Rupert look scary.

“The Canadian government is pumping $3 billion into Prince Rupert’s development, and Canadian railroads are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the rail network.”


I wish they would, though.

LOL, yeah no kidding, be kind of nice to have a share of that cake.

I chuckle over the rather weak research that some of these folks put into their stories, I mean this place is a small little town compared to the huge metropolis areas of Seattle, Tacoma, Oakland and Long Beach, but jeez 5,000 people?

I mean were apparently trying to reach that number by the sheer lack of employment options around here, but we ain’t quite there yet…   :wink: