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Even though I spend a lot of time online, I don’t buy often online ( but intend to do more of it).  I want to register a downloaded shareware that will be useful for my work.  I am wondering if it is standard procedure to give out the following information when purchasing stuff. 

[quote]First Name:   
Last Name:   
E-mail Address:   
Retype E-mail Address:   
Address 1:   
Address 2: 
Zip/Postal Code:   

That place also mentions using eSellerate for security encryption.

Here is the website:

Those are pretty standard questions anytime you buy anything online… well, from my experience anyways.  I have purchased quite a few things online using credit cards, and using my home address, and have only ever had one problem, and it was on ebay.

Most sites now a days are pretty darn secure, but try to make sure you are dealing with a reputable business.  Try looking them up on google first to see if anyone has had problems with them, or if there are ways they do business a little bit different than other places.  That way, when you get a knock at your door and the postal dude says you owe $40 in duty for a $5 item you won’t be surprised.

Hi BigThumb,
I’ve shopped a little on-line and never had an issue (amazon, tigerdirect, ncix, apple, and so on) and all companies ask those questions.  As long as the company lists its legal address it should be okay. 
Hope that helps

The address and phone number are used to verify credit card numbers.  Try buying something online with a different address, and chances are your bank will reject the charge.

Shopping online is just as safe (if not safer) than in real life. 

Think about the people you’ve handed your credit card to in gas stations and restaurants. 


However, I try to buy but there was an error in the process and I can’t figure out why.  So I sent an email to the support address.

So this is like a reference book for teachers?  You know if it has the answers to elementary school math classes I’m pretty sure you could make your money back tenfold by selling copies above list to desperate parents…

There are a few of us out there who would like to be just a little smarter than our kids for at least one more year!

Just a little potential money making thought for you…

It could be like a Canada Savings bond for you…


Shopping on-line is safe enough I think.  Reputable sites offer secure, safe transactions, with many safeguards in place.  I’ve shopped on-line a lot and I’ve never been burned. :smiley:

Like mig said the transaction wont go through if the billing / ph# is not the same as the credit card.

And by the same they mean EXACTLY the same.


Just bought an iPod from the Apple store and erroneously included a previous postal code. The iPod arrived within five days.

Sorry for the late reply Podunkboy.  It’s a marks program.  Kinda like a specialized spreadsheet for calculating grades.  Not much use for parents unless you’re grading chores.

I finally figured out the problem after contacting the author in Australia.  He suggested I switched browsers and I did.  I used Safari instead of Firefox.  I think I had to turn the cookies on Firefox for it to go through.  My Safari had cookies enabled.

Great little program for recording and calculating marks.  Mac OS X based and only $33.20.

I’ve bought oodles of stuff online.  Almost every bit of camera equipment I’ve bought is used, as well, with 90% of what I own bought on-line.  I’ve bought from eBay,,,,,,,,,, etc. etc. etc. etc.

Only time I’ve had a problem was buying a pair of skis on behalf of my younger brother’s friend.  I paid with PayPal, the guy who sent the skis filled something out incorrectly and they were sent back to his house.  According to him he sent them out again, but nothing showed up so I resolved it with PayPal and within two weeks I had my brother’s friend’s money back and I covered the additional cost ($50) of buying a different pair of skis locally for him since I almost lost his hard earned money (like a year’s worth of paper route) online.

Thank You. Now  i know where to buy my Nikon D70 Kit.

cameracanada is a great site. I bought my Olympus SLR through them.