Bush and Republicans

Someone told me their new Election Slogan , is " We want to turn over a new page ". Fighting for their lives and party in November .

LOL :smiley:

Retreads in political high places are becoming epidemic.

[quote] North Korea’s UN Ambassador Pak Gil Yon said the vote shows the Security Council has “completely lost its impartiality” and that his country “totally rejects” the resolution.

He said North Korea “successfully conducted an underground nuclear test on Oct. 9” in response to the “hostile policies” of the United States.[/quote]

It’s Mom’s fault I got spanked because it was Mom who threatened to spank me if I didn’t stop torturing the dog…

Then we have Canada where Ignatieff makes a stoopid statement and instead of ignoring it and hoping it fades from notice, tries to ‘correct’ himself and brings it into the spotlight again.
And a PM who accuses ‘all Liberals’ of being anti-Israel and forgets Bob Rae is the #2 candidate.

But I enjoy seeing the Republicans on the hotplate. I just worry Shrub will build the N Korea incident into such a fear Americans will rally to him, or that N Korea will actually do it all for him like the Ayatollah did for Reagan.

As do I! :smiley:
I just hope the Americans are at least mildly pissed off with the GOP and that the anger translates into more seats for the Dems.

because theres such a real difference right  :unamused:

Do you support the GOP’s platform?

Yeah there’s a real difference. One party is backed by (for example) US Steel & Exxon, while the other’s backed by GTE & Texaco.
And the US right has the nerve to call Canada ‘less democratic’… LOL
I would never give up my right to vote NDP once in a while and scare the shit out of the corporations, even if there’s always a price

LOL, well-said!! :smiley:

No, but the democrats are no better… of course being politicians they will pretend to be :wink:

Okay.  Fair enough.  But, the American system is essentially a two party system.  There isn’t really a viable third party…yet (Nader sucks).  The Dems are not perfect, but, they’re a better choice than the GOP in my humble opinion.
We will agree to disagree on this one:-)