Bus to airport

So what gives???What a miserable excuse for a service…the freaking bus to the airport was freezing…why can’t the miserable excuse for a bus service, warm up the bus before they pick up passengers?Real nice way for business visitors to our city to freeze■their asses off trying to get to the airport.The city is to blame for NOT making this a priority when the weather is inclement!!!

I’m surprised that the bus could make it to the airport ferry dock, probably waited for the highway crew to clear Park Avenue. I gather you were incoming rather than outgoing

Must be them guys with different rules fault!

I think we should thank Air Canada Jaz for getting us to stand outside waiting
so we don’t feel that cold on the bus.

It was on purpose just for you. The well-adjusted citizens of PR were hoping that if the racist saltybear had a bad enough experience on the way to the airport, they wouldn’t bother coming back.

and this little piggy went wah wah wah all the way home!!!

call the city …call first bus…do something about it…posting here wont rectalfy the issue…I do agree with you.