Burger King

So Tim Hortons was bought out by Burger King. think that is why they change up our store?

Guess they will merge and nothing will happen in our town again

the redesign is standard across the country so it nothing to do with Burger King,

in what I read about this merger it’s inst clear if the two operations will fully merge or not. Interesting that there are less and less Canadian companies left

its all about not paying the high taxes in Amerika and moving to Canada for better taxes…

Yep. The merger announcement also stated that the two companies would function as separate entities; they would keep their own brand. Burger King is calling the shots for the new company. It will be interesting to see if Tim Hortons remains uniquely Canadian.

actually on the tax side when you factor in Ontario’s corporate taxes BK saves only about 1% in taxes when compared to their US income, but by moving their headquarters to Canada, they avoid paying taxes on their worldwide income, for the US taxes their corporations on worldwide income not just the income generated in the US.

Canada Pension Plan owns about a million shares of Tim Hortons, so $65 million to $95 million over night looks pretty good.