Bulldoze the Poopert Square

Okay like alot of you i’ve watched the Rupert Square go down hill since the mid 90’s, actually the late 80’s. Why not just bulldoze it and start fresh…honestly I think Rupert needs a big change, and besides what is left in there, besides the over****** security guards that can’t even walk a block b4 they are outta breath. I know thats harse, but hey they don’t do anything in there but scope out the cookie isle in Extra…add some hot security guards and maybe you’ll have more clients…what do u think? add a Victoria Secret, la senza, etc and i’d be a happy camper. One last thing why do you think stores that sell sexy apparel and novelties never last in Rupert?

Cos nobody’s got enough money to buy them! :wink:

good answer.

Bulldozing the mall wouldn’t solve anything… there is no way Rupert has the money to remodel the one we have, let alone build a new one. Just because YOU want a new mall, doesn’t make it feasible or possible in any way.

HOT security guards?? Are you freakin serious? What would good lookin security guards have to do with anything? The guys that work there now try to help out and be a presence as much as possible. People don’t really realise how much they do help out when needed unless you work in a store yourself, so unless you do, and you’d like to share, then shoooooosh.

Sex stores don’t work out in Rupert because everyone knows everyone.

That and the age group that usually buys them are lacking in population in rupert… guessing females from 18-25… thats probably the lowest population age group for women in this town… I bet theres only about 600-800 18-25 year old women in this town… IF THAT!

The actual number is 736.

haha I knew someone would have had that researched a little further. Is that the actual number in your little black book poolboy?

Yes. I’m waiting for 737. :smiley:

Its not Rupert that would need the money. Its usually large companies from out of town that own and develop these things.

I was in PR on monday and there were a fair number of attractive females I saw there. None of them were moving in the direction of the mall.

You only say they are attractive because you A- didn’t grow up with them, or B- don’t see them every day.

Every time I’m up in Terrace there’s some nice scenery there as well, but all the women there tell me the same thing… try seeing them every day and they aren’t that nice looking anymore.

Arggh it’s cuz you popeyeville guys think gumboots and mackinaws are lingerie! And you keep downloading porn!
how’s a hashpipe and dildo store supposed to survive. Melting your own bottles into bongs too, I bet
har haar har matey