Built in webcam Dell Laptop

I have a new Dell Laptop, it will not detect the built in web cam for some reason?  Any ideas?

thanks :wink:

Go to the dell website and find the drivers for it. They’re probably just out of date.

Alrighty, I’ll give that a try.  Weird thing is that the cam works well with msn chat but it doesn’t recognize it when I try to utilize it to snap pics or make vids.  :neutral_face:

most likely your computer came with a program that will do that.  Using downloaded programs might conflict with it.  Im pretty sure msn can take snaps and vids to

I have a dell laptop with a built in webcam, and I’m pretty sure it’s just drivers. go to the dell site and follow the instructions etc.

If it was bought from Future Shop/Best Buy, then most likely it was damaged as it went through the Langley distro. centre.


  1. Dell computers is second to Acer/Emachines for odd and shoddy packaging.
  2. Some Shipping Associates are notorious for (a) not having goods secured to skid while order picking (we use double power jacks and lift trucks that are capable of going at 30km/h), and (b) not shrink wrap the full and final skid tight enough to survive a trip to a Prince George outlet.

But seriously, built-in webcams and other peripherals are suppose to be ready to use at first power-on.

Frist off, it’s supposed not suppose. Sorry, it’s just something that everyone does that really bugs me. haha

And it may be ready for use at first power on, but that doesn’t mean the drivers don’t need an update, I had to do a few updates when I first got my dell, you should ALWAYS update your drivers.

Frist off, it’s supposed not suppose.[/quote]

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Frist off, it’s supposed not suppose. Sorry, it’s just something that everyone does that really bugs me. haha[/quote]

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Hmmm… my HP laptop has a built-in webcam and it’s ready to use. No need to install or update the drivers. I’m guessing either the folks at Dell is just lazy, or just wanted to be an American PC company version of IKEA.

If it works with MSN, it’s not a driver issue.  Clearly Widows can recognize it.  What programs are you using to snap pics and make vids?

None of them are great ‘quality’ and shippers are notorious.
Ordered in 2 Acers at Christmas, I couldn’t get the wireless to connect to anything. Sent it back RMA. THey obviously looked at it, saw that it saw the signals and never tried to connect. Shipped it back.
Did the drivers.
Wiped the whole OEM and installed Vista & Acer drivers.
Booted with Ubuntu.
You could see the signal but not connect. Tried Dlink, Linksys, Airlink, Tranzeo APs. Nada.
Finally sold it to a guy for $100 less than wholesale and tossed in a USB Wireless stick after arguing online with Acer for over a month.

Yesterday the 2nd one came back. The guy moved to the boonies, and couldn’t connect to dialup. The onboard modem was NFG.
Gave the guy a USB modem at cost after explaining that I personally only warranty things I make myself.

As for the shippers, it’s rare UPS, Purolator or any other one can bring 10 boxes from Richmond to PG to here without punching holes in at least 3 or 4…