Build your own high powered wireless antenna

can’t quite pick up that wireless access node?
build an antenna that will

Or come visit the Historic Park and drop in to see me. I have a shitload 15 db grids and some USB wireless card with the N connector mods…
Even have a ‘shotgun’ like the Buffalo, don’t find them as good as the grids.

2002 technology compared to the flatpanels I carry. Built in routing, NAT, and network connections, some in service at over 15 miles.

very sweet, would these devices work for a wireless wan in Rupert??

Yep, they worked here for years. Still have a dozen subs using these things.
You’d need an AP, these are subscriber units.

how much for a subscriber unit??

Is this legal in an urban area?

I was just wondering if maybe the CRTC would have something to say about unlicensed RF transmissions with that kind of range…

I knew a fellow from Crippen cove who shot his wireless from a friends house on Graham Ave to his house at Crippen cove only problem he had was when ship past by he would loose his connection his speeds were better then mine, he had 5 mile range on his.

Gave him one of the USB-15db units to use when he visits Camp Morice here. … pc2111.pdf

It’s Internet.
The CRTC can eat shit and die.
Not their can of worms.

Yeah, if you move here use an even number channel on your home system. We use all the odd ones.
The School District uses Ch 4.

yep we use that one as well …

thanks herbie