Bridge to Teribithia

(I probably spelled the title wrong)

Holy smokes.  What a sad movie!!  I just watched it with my 3yo and my 18month old.  I was bawling my eyes out, trying to assure my 3 yo that it was “just a movie” and it was just pretend, as my 18 month old, who had no idea what was wrong with me, was cuddling me and petting me to make sure I was okay.

My 3yo is now watching it for the second time in a row.  I think I’ll watch Dora with my 18mo thankyouverymuch!

I read the book in junior high, I think.  I remember it was frowned upon by the librarian and teachers, and they wanted it taken out of the library.  It was a Catholic school, and I guess the book was deemed to be anti-Christian.

Other than that, I don’t remember much about it.  Except that the Lord of the Rings was better :wink:

In the movie one of the characters says “You think it’s scary because you HAVE to believe in it.  I don’t have to believe in it, and I think it’s beautiful” after she joined her neighbours for church one Sunday.

I don’t think it’s anti-Christian, I think it’s realistic.  (not the whole movie, just the perspective of the kids re: Christianity.)

Maybe the book is different than the movie.  I remember stuff about atheism and agnosticism, secular humanism as well as gender issues.  Not to mention supernatural stuff, which always sets off some Christians (cf. Harry Potter).

Maybe they toned all that down in the movie?

Yeah, most likely.  I’ll have to read it when the kidlets are older.