Breakers worth the wait or not?

Well i have been in this bitch fest once before this to really see what the hell people have said about pizza hut. Well if you really want to bitch about something here it is. Breakers a good place to eat if you have all the time in the world to sit there and wait for food that might not come at all. Me and a friend went down on tuesday of this week which would be the 21st of august for about 7:15pm. Thinking this would be a good time to go for supper is ending in the next little while and well it is a tues. no cruisehip in and well there is no game on t.v. So we sat and the waitress then informed us after taking our drink order that it would be 45 min for and entree. Thinking were only having the breakers club, we asked her how long she said then not very long at all. So we ordered that and then some appys. Well the appys came about 1 hour later and then 15 min later she set the table and said it should not be very much longer. Well by 9:00pm the food was still not up and she did not know what to tell us about. So in my opinion the food is good there but the fact remains that no one should have to wait 2 hours for meal, especially a sandwich. I mean would you??? So those that bitch about waiting for something go there and wait!!!

see breakers also sells booze, more people go there to drink then to eat, so maybe they figure the longer you wait the more booze you will drink and after 2 hrs of drinking you have forgotten all about your meal… anyways I see Pizza hut is looking for more people I guess the first bunch didn’t cut it? Or their so young they have to go back to Elementary School…OHH did I say that… I mean high school. I went to Pizza hut once and will not go back for some time, maybe in 6 months they will have all the wrinkles out, waiting 10 min to be seated in an half empty establishment is a bit much and waiting 2. hrs for a pizza is abit long…
I say there are still better local pizza places then a pizza hut

Well I’d cut the old Pizza Hut some slack til they get the bugs worked out, hmm, perhaps a poor choice of words for a restaurant…

At any rate, even the “established” Rupert restaurants have their bad days, I recently spent two hours of my life at Zorbas, waiting one hour for my meal to show up and all I was having was souvlaki…

Good thing I didn’t need to use the washroom, as the room was closed…

So everyone can have an off experience I guess…

I’m sure once Pizza Hut can get all the kids on the same page that they’ll be fine…

I haven’t gone there yet, figured that there would be a bit of a learning curve, but I’ll check them out soon, I guess with all the complaining going on I’ll be able to get a pretty snazzy table though…


Interesting choice of words:-)  I will give Pizza Hut a try soon, maybe tomorrow. :smiley:

breakers sucks!  the people who own it are greedy and un educated, and that attitutde is reflected in the way they do business. 

if you are in the mood for a pub by the water with good food hit Solly’s, the wings there  are hella rad

Solleys is awesome.  Breakers is not really my scene. 

Good to hear.  The last time I was in Solly’s (1995) the butter on the popcorn was rancid and I got very ill.
Have they had a change in management?

You got ill from bad butter?  …Hehe… 

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah:-)  What can I say?

I hear Breakers has really nice looking menu’s though.  :smile:

Yeah, they got some hot waitresses that’s for sure. 

You’re transcending too much … he meant the menu photo… LOL!

… lol …



First of all, Solly’s has the WORST service of any establishment I’ve been to in Prince Rupert. And that’s just for drinks, let alone actually ordering food. It’s almost as if the waitresses don’t want you to order another round. As for the taste of the food, it’s decent at best, and the wings are really nothing to boast about.
I think Breakers is a much better establishment, if only because the wait staff actually asks you if you want another drink, instead of waiting to be flagged down while holding your empty glass/bottle in the air like a retarded airport ground worker. The girls there are much more professional, care enough to engage you in small talk, and generally care much more about your dining experience than those in Solly’s.
Straight up, Breaker’s has it hands down. Even if the food sometimes takes a little longer. Go to McDonalds if you want fast food.

Although I hardly ever go to bars, I’ve been to Solly’s three times in the last two months for different reasons. I found my experiences to be the exact opposite of yours. I thought the service in Solly’s was good, the people friendly, and the food quality fine for what it is: bar food.

You don’t happen to work for/own Breakers do you?

Solly’s is obviously at least ok. look at however many award the have on the wall from the daily news.

Okay.  I’ll go check out Solly’s again.  I haven’t been there for years.