Break-in...i guess

Yesterday between 9:00 AM and Noon someone entered my home.  No noticable sign of breaking in but no keys that I am aware of out there…they took a walk through the house.  The foyer and kitchen had heavy wet sand tracks…my drive-way is paved and it was dry so not sure where they picked up the wet sand.  Nothing taken but my sense of security. 

I came home at noon to find the dog freaked out and discovered it, i started upstairs but decided i might have suprised someone so i called the cops who came and checked the place out.  Also checked with the landlord.  Very strange.

Spoke with someone last night who said these clowns might have been casing the place and come back cause its too easy to gain access too.  The dog has now started jumping up and growling at every noise outside which he never did before. 

Today security will be beefed up and I am armed with bear spray when I am in the house.  It is unnerving to know someone has easily entered my home and not know the purpose.  I see lots of bad ass people in my area but never thought my safety was at risk. 

my american friend was shocked to the core that i don’t have a gun…he could not believe that canadians don’t have guns and he went numb when i told him about the gun law up here…it was kinda funny. 

didn’t sleep well last night but once things get fixed today i should be feeling safer…hope the assholes go pick on someone who can get them and lay a beating on them.

Whoa…frightening indeed!  I have a security system installed in my house.  That may give you some peace of mind.  Just a suggestion.

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yes, its a very scary thing. Hope they don’t come back, but if they do, you be home and ready to show a ass kicken plus some nice bear spray to the face :smile:

I know how you feel. We moved to our current home and had 3 attempts in the same amount of time. the first 2 times were the middle of the night. the third time…845pm. I too, was at work and my kids(13 and 11) were at home. If it weren’t for my kids being quick thinkers and making enough noise to alert the “potential” intruder to someone being home…I’m pretty sure I would have lost more than my sense of security.  The quick response of the rcmp and the dog… followed the scent trail left…but due to weather were only able to track “this person” 30 feet or so.  I was promptly told they have an idea of who it is…They just need to catch him in action… My “uncontrolled response” was hope you don’t have to come back here for a body recovery.  So believe me, I understand the right to protect those you love and the things you own.  I was however amazed at the cost of getting a security system installed and monthly monitoring. Called the non-local place…that’s new and still have not gotten a call stating, there is coverage in the prince rupert area. Great security options.

The only local one is finex ( i think) I found them really expensive, but the guy is really nice though.  We used Graydon out of terrace, they were 1/2 the price of the other guy and did an excellent job. Monitorinig rates arent so bad either.  Theres ADT systems in Rupert, but they are so difficult to get ahold of, we contacted them for a quote on our business and home in Sept/Oct…they still haven’t called me back.

We have Vigilon, which is a new aquisition. The sales person was really nice, and really low pressure, despite what every site on the internet says about them. They were in town for a week and came and knocked on our door. We got the system that same night, installed and working. Really simple too. My parents are quite happy with it.

At the moment I use Chubb in my house.

I use German Shepherd and if it fails we have fire axe for backup.

All i know, is that if somone wants to steal or break in around my place,
the only place called,  will be the hospital, for an ambulance for you !
(mean dog / mean humans)

yep…crazy that finex is the only QUICK (EXPENSIVE)option. ADT, still no reply… NO pets allowed so batting practise is on…already got told to make sure they fall INSIDE the house if I do use force to protect what’s mine.

I have FINEX and though it was installed 15 years ago when we first bought our place it did not seem that expensive. I don’t have monitored alarm as the noise ours makes wakes the whole neighbourhood ( trust me on this!)

The service response is quick and they are very polite and reliable. I have a lot of storeys ( stories?) in our house and this system has 2 keypads and all the doors and windows are alarmed as well. I forgot to lock our door once, and set the alarm, my brother came over to drop off some stuff, took him 15 mins to track me down.  Made a whole lot of cookies for the hood that time … the siren is VERY LOUD!

I have an alarm for the house too, but my garage is set up with a cow zapper… feel sorry for the person who trys

Security brought to you by the lowest bidder.

Like the outfit on CKNW that caters to scared, cheap old people?