Bottled Water! … d_bacteria

Still taste better and there’s no risk of sewage getting siphoned into it.  Lots of people cook with hot water from the tap, thats the dirtiest water u will consume

We are very fortunate in this region, as we have some of the very best water quality available on the planet, you can safely drink right from the tap with no worries. People complain about the price of gas, when you do the math on bottled water you are actually paying far more for this, than gas for your car. 

Not true. I can buy a 2l bottle of water for 2.00 so its actually cheaper now :wink:  I rarely buy bottled water but if it is a choice between buying a bottle of water or a pop/sugar drink I’ll pay more for the water thanks.

This is BC. The water from the tap is just foul with disease. Drink bottled only water when Brawndo isn’t available. :unamused:

Ah suck it up you guys… We’re not going to be immune to anything if we keep being scared of the water. LOL

Here Billy, this should ruin your day: … story.html

I’ve water straight from a lake with nothing but a bit of iodine… bottled water dont scare me.

Ajaye is that you,LOL. You got the beaver fever.

hrm… apparently my daughter should let me sleep so I can form proper sentences.

Aren’t you only supposed to irrigate with that stuff?