Boston? mig? crazy angry mayor lovers? WHAT!

So yeah i’m sitting and talkign on the phone when the news comes on and its about mig and his website. And that his user name is the same name as the mayor of boston.

And that people from there are getting mad and emailing him.

Whole story please?


Sorry for deleting your post Crazy Mike, I made a mistake.  Here is the thread you were talking about : … 531.0.html

ADMIN ABUSE!  :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Take your finger off the button Thumb… that’s it… step away from the button. Keep your hands where we can see them. No wait… put your hands back. We don’t need to see that.


MiG was even on CBC radio the other morning talking about it.

Yeah I heard that interview. Mig is infamous!


Hmmm…not sure that infamous is the correct word.  It is negative.  I think famous what you wanted.

I guess you’re right. The mayor in question, now HE’S infamous. Miguel is just famous. He’ll have to work harder to make it to infamous.