Bored these days, anyone play pc games?

so I recently bought a new computer, and finished crysis warhead finally, played a bit of farcry 2 and got bored of it, tried out AA3 for a while, prestiged twice on mw2, level 55 on cod4, too many patches to patch up cod5.

I know of a couple people in town that game, two I game with on the weekends.  but surely there must be more out there? I played Bad Company 2 with a guy from P.G. but never really see anyone from Rupert.

I don’t like downloading movies my net isn’t that great and I would rather go to the theatre or rent a movie then wait a week to watch something.

got a new computer and i’m bored of all my games, what else is there to do? lol

u forgot porn  :astonished: :astonished:

hahaha PPV ftw, I don’t know how many games I have installed on my computer,  I over clocked it, stress tested it, ran some bench marks, rewired my cables.

gaming is only fun for so long then I get bored or cranky cause I die every 10 seconds.  what I really like doing is building computers, if I could I’d buy/build computers and sell them as much as possible.

this is the first pc i’ve bought in over a year and before that I had built about five or six.  I just recently got into computers and building my pc’s about five years ago.

my next project I want to try out is water cooling, I have my cpu oc’d to 4.0ghz and it idles around 35c, 23c if I have the window open.  I don’t think I really need water cooling but it’d be fun to build,  my only concern is getting a leak and destroying my tower.