Booze and smoke

Maybe it was my subconscious?  I don’t know!

Yesterday I rented two movies that had this in common:  The main topic of both was something that could be considered “a bad habit”:  excessive beer drinking and smoking.

Beerfest:  Done by the Broken Lizard bunch ( same who did Supertroopers).  Stupid story but man it’s done in a hilarious way.  Could be the best inspirational sports movie ever. (Well… maybe after SlapShot)

Thank You For Smoking:  Great show, prize-worthy acting and non-standard ending.  I loved it.

Speaking of…

For some reason I sat through “Dodgeball” yesterday. 

Weird I also rented and watched Beerfest last night…

Speaking of sports movies, one of the most surprisingly good one, albeit in a cheesy Canadian way was Men with brooms.  Gotta love it when someone can make a film about curling and actually make it worth watching.

You guys can’t be serious.

The greatest sports movie is Murderball.

‘Men with Brooms’ was hardly worth watching. 

Best sports movie ever: The Longest Yard (the original, dumbies!) It has violence, comedy and drama. Burt’s finest moment.

Beerfest was good, that smoking one i could barely sit through and watch, but i thought passion of the christ sucked to.