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By all accounts, Prince Rupert is sitting on the edge of a boom. With the development of the new shipping Port, the City’s population of just under 14,000 is expected to climb. CN Rail President Hunter Harrison is quoted as saying “We think Prince Rupert will hit, and hit big.â€[/quote]

Careful now, or this could happen to you! :unamused:

Has anyone really thought about what is going to happen to Rupert in the next year or years? 

population guesstimates?  I guess that we’ll hit 16,000 in 2008 and return to levels of the mid to late 90’s heading into 2011.  But hey, thats just based on people who used to live here able to find work back here again.  Who knows?

Does anyone feel they will get to be part of this ‘boom’ or are we just bystanders in some global trampling of goods that happens to be coming in our backyard?

Count this turkey out!

Latest BOOM:

BOOM down goes the Law Office
BOOM down goes the Flower Shop after Christmas
BOOM no more Shell station
BOOM look at the Theatre and Mr. G store wobble…

Joining the ‘craters of summer’ where the taxi, the other food store, the last actual restaurant used to be. And 2 mines that need to restart environmental reviews from scratch. And the pipeline that was headed your way, put off to cater to the Yanks. Two to four more years to designate everything in its path ‘sacred’…

In most cases progress seems very slow, even though all this approval has happened I highly doubt it will hit like a ‘tidal wave’ … more likely things will happen in small stages and there will be alot of waiting.

Therefore, time for adjustment and expansion.

Found this on the Opinion 250 site. Meisner is talking about Prince George and the rubbing of hands over how the container port might spin off in George, he takes a contrarion view on some of the euphoria… … 7s+opinion?

He does ask some interesting questions in his blurb.