Books delievered!

I was just in at the bookstore picking up a book to read on these cold evenings when I was told that they are doing deliveries!! So if I don’t want to go out in this weather and I have a book that I ordered in I can call them and they can deliver it to my house. All I have to do is either give them my credit card over the phone or have the cash when they come!!! And I can even get them to deliver a book to me if I have finished this 1 and know they have a different book I want in stock!!! I am so happy I found this out today!! Just might feel a lot better curling up and reading all night knowing that if I finish my book tonight I can call and have another delivered to me instead of going out in this cold!!
WOW!!! Only in a small city will you ever see this!! Great idea Rainforest Books!!! Hope it takes off for you!!!

We are doing deliveries!! Give us a call and let us know if you need your book order delivered!! Or if you are wanting a new book and we have it in stock we will be more than happy to deliver that as well!! All we ask is that you have the cash at home or when you call to set up delivery you pay over the phone with a credit card!!

Thank you Rainforest Books for the delievery last night!!! I was very happy to see the Rainforest Books/Rupert Mobile Repair car pull up to my place last night with a book!! Not only did I get my new book (that I saw when I was in the other day) but Gord was kind enough to help get my car started!!! So not only did I get a new book I found myself and new mechanic that will come to me if needed!!