{bonsai kittens}SaD

This is a sad thing people do. They take a kitten and put it in a tiny jar and feed it threw a tube, then you can buy it! Its very sad and mean! Before it was really bad, but now there is new people. There website is bonsaikitten.com Read the stuff they do and look at their gallery, it makes you feel sick to your stomach. Tell me about what you think about it.


I think that you’ve fallen for a hoax.


and a 5-year-old hoax, at that:


hehe i saw that site some time ago, when they had some great pics on there website. you would have to be dum not to know it was fake. here is a site i love too they need your help Mariena its called the The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus here is the link to it http://zapatopi.net/treeoctopus.html have a great day

What’s the site where they say they’re going to kill the bunny if they don’t get 50 grand??