Bomb Threat in Prince Rupert

The cannery formely know as BC Packers. All workers are off until tomorrow.

I heard all cannerys got the bomb threat.

I only heard about the one cannery; who knows… funny I didn’t hear any sirens this am.

Two were threatened. Coast Guard is out scouring the waters between Rushbrooke and Seal Cove. The police are flying in the dog, which needs to be sedated. Then who knows how long it will be before the dog is ok to go in and search the buildings. Roads to both canneries are blocked off.

What’s up with Bomb threats In Prince Rupert?

Wasn’t there one last year also at the DFO office?

Yeah two canneries were threatened.  I was out on the tug when Prince Rupert Traffic and Prince Rupert Coast Guard got on the air and advised vessel traffic stay away.  They had a pretty large fleet of police out there stopping boats, or whatever they were doing.

was wondering what was going on

Pic here

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anyone get pics of Rupert cleaners on fire?

Hey Astro… maybe the person in the foreground of your picture is the one who called in the threat…lol