Bomb Threat at Safeway

Hey the cops and firefighters have the block that Safeway and 7-11 blocked off completely and people being told to leave. Anybody have any ideas what’s up?

Heard Safeway evacuated for bomb threat, and now Northern Savings.

Apparently they are flying up dog(s) to sniff for bomb.

There were a bunch of these bomb threats against Safeway last week in Alberta:

I would have thought Border Services would have dogs that would be able to sniff explosives.

Gas leak

Safeway staff say bomb threat.

RCMP provide statement on situation… … 08.twitter

For more on the incident … going.html

Are we in the clear yet?

Yes, as of about 2 am Safeway employees were in there working i heard.

Something happen down at breakers this morning to?

I’ve heard that they suspected explosives under the bridge, but they turned out to be toy grenades. Go figure.