Boil water advisory in effect


So if someone wasn’t on Facebook, or wasn’t a friend of the mayor, where would they have seen this message?

The message itself is great, and explains the situation very well. But why the obsession with facebook? The city has a website, doesn’t it?


Yup. I think it would be a great idea if the mayor posted the message at the city website.


Unfortunately, that’s where the majority of us get their news from these days. If you somehow liked or joined most of the Prince Rupert oriented pages, chances are you’ll get the mayor’s messages on your news feed.

But I hear ya, the same messages should’ve been pasted on the city website too.

I thought the boil water advisory was well relayed and hard to miss. I first learned the notice on CFNR radio, then by social media, and finally The Northern View.


Hey look, Jabber got his wish. lol


My name isn’t Frank :joy::joy:


Boil water advisory update

UPDATE - January 11th, 2019

**Please note that following delays in test results over Christmas, the City is now receiving results back from the lab that has been testing our continuous water sampling. Results are improving and we look forward to receiving permission to lift the Boil Water Notice as soon as Northern Health determines enough clear samples have been returned. **

The Boil Water Notice does remain in effect, and all precautions noted in the original Notice should still be followed. Thank you for your patience.


A real problem we had here when the fires were raging. Aside from the Evelybody flee! Godzilla is coming posts…


thanks to the north coast review for this

and again after about 6 weeks or no council with a boil water advisory acting mayor Neish states

Councillor Wade Niesh handled the bulk of the Boil Water update by first noting that there would be no opportunity for those in attendance at City Council chambers to speak on the water issue at the council session


Well saddly this is what happens when the incumbent city council gets back in and get spoiled and feel they owe nobody a chance to ask questions.


plus after 6 weeks off shouldn’t the full council and mayor show up?


That’s because it’s a Regular Council Meeting, not Committee of the Whole Meeting.

Dunno, you want to manage their schedules for them?


If you’re wondering why Lee and Blair were not in the last council meeting, it’s because they’re in Victoria nagging the government for us.

Good news is we’re almost out of the woods. :grinning:


Aren’t we glad we have a more orderly, more engaging, and more transparent council in this town, especially when it comes to the major issues with our water supply system?


CBC link from the article above.

Niesh said that he had read every angry comment posted on Facebook over the last five weeks, but he had not received any direct phone calls and only one email on the subject to his city email account.

“This is not something that Facebook will solve for us,” he said.

Perhaps a first step in the “not something that Facebook will solve for us” strategy is to tell the mayor to stop posting his updates on Facebook.

Talk about mixed messages.


Well… Wade is Lee’s anger translator afterall… :sweat_smile:

I appreciated that Lee decided to dive in to Facebook despite all that angry comments and shitposting being thrown around, especially from a certain Facebook group that’s known for being on the darker side of Rupert.


During the meeting, councillors called for residents to get off Facebook



I watched the whole 30 minute council meeting, I don’t think they’re asking the public to stop complaining on FB, but rather encouraging them to discuss directly to council members in person, phone, or e-mail. Wade even invited them to have their say at the first Committee of the Whole meeting.

However, I do say the comment from Reid Skelton-Morven isn’t really helpful.


Oh, that’s literally what CBC quoted them saying. “Stop complaining on facebook.”

I don’t think Facebook complaining is helpful either. And having the mayor post his information exclusively on Facebook isn’t helpful.

I’m an outsider looking in, but here are some observations:

  • the city (and the mayor) have some clear and accurate information and messages. They’re positive.
  • putting these messages on Facebook is a negative, since they’re surrounded by conspiracies, nutbars, and whiners.
  • The city has a communications department, and I’m sure they’re pulling their hair out (or facepalming) every time the mayor posts on facebook.
  • pick a message, stick to it.

I mean, I wouldn’t want them to post their stuff on HTMF exclusively either. 'cause it would be surrounded by another, different group of nutbars, conspiracies (ALIENS!), and other bullshit.

But hey, like I said, I’m an outsider looking in. I am friends with the mayor on facebook, and I did contribute to his political campaign way back when. I think he’s doing a great job. He just needs to stop posting official shit on facebook. Or if he can’t stop doing that, then the rest of the city staff and council need to stop complaining about facebook :-). Pick a message and stick to it.


To be fair, HTMF is a reasonable level-headed internet forum in comparison to WTF Prince Rupert on FB… lol


After much thought about what if he stops posting stuff on FB, I have to agree with you on this one. What’s the point of having a PR department if he posts messages only on FB?