Body Discovered in Prince Rupert

Body Discovered in Prince Rupert

In the evening of April 15th, 2004 the RCMP received a report of a body discovered in Prince Rupert. The female body was found near the waterfront off of Bill Murray Way. The identity of the deceased has not been confirmed. Police suspect foul play and are continuing to investigate.

Anyone who feels that they may have information about this is asked to contact the Prince Rupert RCMP or their local police office.

There are no other details being released at this time. More information will be released to the media as it becomes available. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Sgt. Ray Bernoties at (250) 627-3131.

Do the RCMP read HTMF now too?

Who doesn’t read HTMF?

Body Found in Prince Rupert - Update

The identity of the female discovered last night is still not confirmed, however, the body appears to be that of a female in her teens. The body is being sent for an autopsy. Foul play is still suspected. There are no other details at this time and more information will be released as it is obtained.

If anyone has any information which may assist police they are asked to call the Prince Rupert RCMP or their local police. … E57230F70D

Being as there has been two bodies found in the Prince Rupert area with suspected foul play involved, it shines the true meaning to what many call a city. Even though the population of the area has declined.
It is very unfortunate to hear such news. And my thoughts and prayers go out to all the family and friends of these victims.
I hope Prince Rupert starts getting better news and publicity!!

Quick! Hide the underage drinking pictures!

yes! hide them all… (why?)

I hear its a 13 yr old girl from Port Ed… =/

The Daily News has learned the deceased is a 13-year-old girl from Kitkatla, who went missing a couple of days ago.

Prince Rupert needs some bestiality cases, and a few cop shootings, so it can be in the same league as its northern neighbors. its falling behind.

If either of you read the news story above, that would already be obvious to you.

I wonder what else the Prince Rumor mill is saying…


Prince Rupert needs some beastiality cases, and a few cop shootings, so it can be in the same league as its northern neighbors. its falling behind.[/quote]

The beastiality case you are referring to is over 4 years old and a former resident of Prince Rupert I might add. And the cop ‘shooting’ you are talking about is an exagerated story of a terrace man that used a knife on a law enforcer. Get your shit straight!
Prince Rupert has always been rough due to the high rate of alcoholism and nowadays the amount of unemployment can be thrown in there as well. And not to forget about the high numbers of fishermen that drift in and out of town.
Speaking of alcoholism, take a good look at many of the photos in the HTMF photogallery. That is a shining image of the future Mr. and Mrs. Rupertites.

Bestiality case? What about the dude from Kitimat? Wasn’t that like a million years ago?

yeah that was the one that the twit was referring too!

The truth is out there…

And what was that supposed to mean? The point of that post was?? Please do explain…

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