Bob's on the Rocks

This subject is on another thread but wanted to present it on it’s own
I had fish and chips down there tonight and they were great…
The owner and the young man working there are very nice people as well.
The fish and chips were the best I have had since Green Apple folded.
Give this great small business a try!  

Have to agree with you on every point !  Haven’t been down yet since they opened for the season but does Heather still own it as I know last year they were hoping to sell and move on.  Her and her hubbie are great folks and work so hard, I really don’t know how she manages it all as she has another p/t job and her family, hard worker and really nice !  May go down this weekend and treat my fella to some supper  :smiley:

I believe the last time in which I spoke with Heather she was still the owner and was looking forward to her opening.

Great shop,  Great owners,  Great food,  Lets hope it is one of the one that stays in Rupert.

The owner of our newest place baled on the Fort went back to Vanc to earn some money. Wifey, kids, and local hacks have turned it into the most disgusting smorg you’ve ever seen. Overcooked, oversalted, overbattered. Bleccch!!!
But another place doubles it’s smorg (wow a whole 8 things) and is decent.

The new Bistro, if it survives, will learn you should know what the hell kind of muffins are on the rack, not to answer the phone when there’s a line-up, and people want more than egg tuna chicken salad sandwiches for lunch.

Egg tuna chicken salad, what a combination. giggles

No ham?

Bobs on the rocks fish n chips are the best in town!! the fries are deadly!!
FYI, the part of bob, is no longer there… This has turned into Heathers business and she doing an excellent job!
Yes my hat is off to her! Single mom, running a business and working part time!!
The Jigger muffins are excellent!! you should try em out!!
The customer service is excellent!!
I hope you all have a chance to try it before any negative comments are posted!
Heather I hope your business is a success this year! and good luck!

Sad to hear that about Bob, I thought he was still working out of town but she is a great lady and has all the personality and hard work ethic for sure to keep that a thriving business.  Good Luck to her and will try the muffins, thanks for the heads up rupertite  :smiley:

Bob’s on the Rocks has been back since May long weekend and are once again serving those great fish and chips…
It was a beautiful evening down there last night…

Best Fish n Chips by far!! A very underrated place and worth checking out.