Boat tour?

Adventure tours is not starting thier tours until later.  Any ideas for getting a tour of the water in the next couple days,  Family in from out of town.

Ride the Airport Ferry back and forth (hop on the bus and pretend you’re a passenger and its free!!) or take a trip out to Metlakatla

How long is the trip out to Metlakatla??

15-20 minutes to Metlakatla

An alternate idea may be to call around to the fish charter places and see if they’re available for a quick harbour tour, not sure what the regs and such are on such things though.  Or wander down to the floats and see if anyone there is interested in a short haul circuit tour for a payment.

Oceanwild Nature Expeditions carries out tours all year round, they went out out on Sunday we watched whales, sealions, porpoises and numerous migrating birds which are all here for the Herring, Oceanwild is located beneath Cowpuccinos in Cow Bay.

I’ve been with Oceanwild in the off season and was able to get some amazing pictures. Nice folks with lots of room on their boat for a couple families.