Blues,Slide and Great voice

If any of you funseekers out there went to the Tom R…y show last night, I hope that you enjoyed her show as much as myself. By the way the R…y was because I did not know how to spell it. Back to Rachelle and her presentation was very doun to earth and good listening. I think we need more good stuff like that in this community where there is such musical talent and down to earth folk.

Wasn’t she great?  She’s even more incredible with the full band rocking behind her.  Chicks that rock RAWK!!!

It’s Tom Rooney. And I wish I hadn’t been working so I could have gone to see her.

My  Lady and I enjoyed the evening with a good crowd and very good performance with mostly original stuff and great Slde work to compliment her good voice, you did miss a good one but as I said earlier wish we could get more of that in town here.

I am not sure if you are referring to that particular style of music or just concerts in general. 
Getting acts to come to town is difficult though because we are out of the way.  For example the concert society might want to bring someone to town but performers might not want to come here unless they can play Terrace, Smithers, etc.  Otherwise the price is prohibitive.
It would help us to know what style of music people want to hear/see.  In the past, the concert society was very much classical, but over the past six years it has become much more eclectic.  Post if you have any comments and I will pass them on to our president who books the acts.

And while I have the chance here are my shameless plugs. 

Triple Bypass and guests are putting on Pink Floyd’s The Wall on the 20th and 21st.
And Vin Garbutt is returning to the Tom Rooney on March 13th.   

will be going to the wall show but cater to the younger crowd with some rock sometime thats not over the hill if you can lol


I am - officially - a van Zanten fan now!

I swear, the guitar was an extension of her body!

She better watch she doesn’t blow a knee with the stomping in time with the music.

What talent! So blessed to have her come to town.