Blueprints, travel reviews, conference planning and Thank You’s

The city posted the minutes to last Monday’s city council meeting online this week and if nothing else, we at least now have confirmation as to how many of our current council took in the sights, the sounds and the politicking of the Canadian Federation of Municipalities in Quebec City earlier this month.

In the midst of the daily business of the recorded minutes, Mayor Pond reported that five members of City council were able to attend the national Federation of Canadian Municipalities in Quebec City this month. That bit of housekeeping had been preceded by members of the council travelling party reporting on the success and importance of the Federations conference, where the Mayor was re-elected to serve on the national board of directors.

Unfortunately the minutes don’t provide a detailed review of the meeting from each councillor, nor fill out the details for us on the success that was attained in Quebec this spring nor the vital work that those conferences do…

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