Blue Knuckle Derby

Kudos to the Lions club and all the hard work done by volunteers to keep the derby afloat.Mark would be proud,$3500.00 to the Sally Ann,500.00 to the roof at the Moose.Only one comment for next year,get rid of the metric for fish weights,no one knew what they were in kilos.All in all a job well done.

and the yummy chili and dogs served up by the moose…thanks.
so who won the derby and all the good prizes?

yeah awesome round of applause for those who entered and for the volunteers im sure desi would be very proud and would have loved to see these events go on for a long time to come !

There was one incident though, one of the organizers (and a guy who donated expensive boat time to the event) had three of his tires slashed by persons unknown…although from what I hear they have a pretty good idea who the culprit is.  Shouts out to the Lions and Moose (2 animals you wouldnt normally see collaborating) for putting on such a great charity event.