Blood Stain Removal

Before I go ahead and attack my coat here with various household items… I’ll ask you guys what works. I havn’t really had the pleasure of cleaning someones blood of my clothing before. says a few things.

1)Soak milk into the stain, the protien in milk disolves the protien in blood.

2)Sprinkle salt onto the staring, rub it in and rinse.

3)Soak stain with Hydrogen Peroxide… HP is commmonly found in commercial blood removers.

Which should I try, or is there better? Probably a good 300ml or so of blood on my pants/coat.

That’s a hell of a lot of blood. What’s the story behind that?

To make a pretty long story short, two dudes got in a fight up Mt.Hays and one guy decided to break his nose on the other guys head. In the end, I blame the girl for having such a big mouth.

Anyhow, milk sucks… I’m sticking to Spray 'n Wash. No HP around these parts.

Oxy clean it!!! That stuff works on everything for me, I live by it. And the no name stuff at Overwaitea works just as well. And yes it is peroxide, cuz my fingers get white speckles on them when I use it, hehe.

Thats really trippy. Ryan said he had a bad feeling about going up the mountain.
We’re in the middle of talking and then Anita comes online saying “You guys should be glad you didn’t go up the mountain.”


I’m glad I went up the mountain.

I saw my mom at a work related thing today, and she asked me how it was, and I said, “Well, let’s just say don’t be worried if you notice my bloodstained clothes lying around. It’s not my blood.”

Spay 'N Wash / Oxy Clean pwns.