Blizzard out there!


LOTS ! 6th and Ambrose

Shoveled 15-20 CM of snow in my driveway this morning.

hitest prays for Spring

March - In like a lion out like a lamb. I think that’s how the old saying goes, I hope it’s true.

So I dunno, if you have no snow tires and drive a light small car, should you really be trying to go up a hill today, or even be out on the roads?

And hey, knocking the snow off all the windows, hmm, oh yeah that might help you see out the windows, just saying’.

Also for the speed nuts out there, today probably isn’t the day to be peeling around the corners, cause, ooops wee be sliding’.

I have an all-wheel drive and snow tires, and I didn’t even venture out today in Terrace. My street isn’t cleared yet :smile: Had to shovel a path for the dog to go pee.

Starting to clear up a bit here now, though, so I may venture out.

Never thought I’d see these words out of my keyboard, but where’s the rain?

How much snow you get in terr over night?

Environment Canada misses the boat again…no snowfall warning was issued for North Coast - Coastal Sections…yet Saturday night there was when we received perhaps not even a 1/4 of the snow we have gotten over yesterday and this morning?

Ah there’s an easy answer for that one, they lent out the official weather dart board to a pub in Vancouver it was Wednesday Night Darts League night and they were short a board at the No. 5 Orange.

hahahahaha… ditto on that comment !! :smile:

There’s about 20 CM on my railings today which by utilizing fuzzy logic we can deduce: “It snowed ALOT.”


We took the day off yesterday to grab supplies in Prince George, blowing snow -20 perhaps 100m visibility, dreadful.
So nasty, when we got there the horn didn’t honk when you clicked the clicker. Both wipers froze in place and the plastic shattered where it joined the wiper arm, you’d think the wiper motor was 275hp
Then we get to the big box stores.
Home Depot had removed all the snowblowers and were assembling barbeques and lawnmowers. Big seed displays.
The kid at CrappyTire “had never even heard of” lock or windshield de-icer. Camping gear on sale.
Costco was full of tents and kayaks. Big sale on normal tires no one would want yet.
WalMart was stock full of bathing suits, sunglasses, camping gear.
None of them had plowed their parking lots, and PG hadn’t plowed a single access road let alone sidestreet. Saw at least 20 accidents from people sliding into intersections, rear-enders, people falling, etc.
Then we burned $25 worth of gas just driving home (100 miles), I guess $25 worth of temperature adjusted gas would fit in a pop bottle at -20C.
The Saturn must have gone into AWD and stayed there as I heard they closed the road due to ice and blowing snow about an hour after we got home.
Horrible, but I got my White Spot double-double burger so it was worth it.