Black Fly and Spider Season

You can thank the golf course for the black flies. They brought in top soil from terrace, and was full of blackfly eggs. And with this hot weather, it’d be prime conditions to reproduce the black flys. Don’t expect them to disapear anytime soon!

errgggggg DAMN THEM, damn then to hell… :smiling_imp:

Those black flies are in Rupert? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

I was up Terrace playing some golf last summer and those flies are like animals. They were actually biting off “CHUNKS”.

My little nephew had blood coming down the side of his head, it was kind of funny though,

he was driving the cart and he looked at his blood and got dizzy and was swerving back and forth.

But those flies are N.A.S.T.Y!

Speaking of black flies…I think this year we are due for a big spider season too. You know those brown ones that grow really big bodies and pop when you step on them? This weather is going to bring them out.

I fricken hate spiders…give me the shivers…

Eeek, spiders…I am not very fond of them, but when someone goes to squish them, I scream no. I just hope they don’t bug me…ugh.

This one is dinner plate size.

Yiikes! :open_mouth:

Last year during the hockey playoffs, (yep remember hockey) I was sitting by the window watching and heard a buzzing sound and it was loud. I thought someone was cutting grass, but a HUGE bumble bee flew past my ear.

We had to club it and stomp on it to kill it.

yum protein… :open_mouth: spider leg soup

anyone got any good recommendations for bug dope that works? muskol works, but, deet is bad shit.

I had this shit a few years ago, it was like 70% deet or some crazy amount. It was the same stuff used by troops in Vietnam. That was some powerful stuff. Made your skin feel like crap though.

give me deet or give me death.

Avons Skin’s So soft… people swear by it…Ive used it seems to work…

Was this true that last year, a big spider was lost off of one of the Cruise ships? Because I came face to face with a large brown spider when I was hot knifing. :cry:

It was just a visual.

I have to agree though, go deet or go home.

deet eats my shit up though. my skin freaks out and if i accidentaly get it on any of my recreational protection equipment it turns the plastics to jelly. gay.

SSS can work, but its not working these days here…I’ve had good luck with it in the QCI though…I’m going to try tea tree oil tonight, and probably send up so much smoke I’ll smudge them out :wink:

so many sissy’s complaining about bugs. They’re nothing compared to the Liberal’s.

Something that DEET doesn’t help… NETTLES! OWWWWWWW :cry: All over my arm…

Yup. Sissies! I use no bug dope. So what if a black flies takes a chunk. I see two benefits: I lose weight and I’m getting in touch with nature.

two words for Ya “west nile”

Oh, I see that today you’ve been enjoying the pleasures of nettles?