BitTorrent and local IP banning


So the fact that this tracker is working for you, and other trackers don’t work for you will tell you something.

It’s not CityWest’s issue, it’s not your computer, it’s not your connection settings or your router, nor is it your torrent software settings.

You’ve just been banned :wink: So use the other IPs when you want to download from these sites, and be happy they didn’t just ban the entire subnet.

thanks guys i sort of new when I was using bitspirit it may lead to banning but who guest it would be a big deal if i got banned from a few sites lol…im using Azureus now… :stuck_out_tongue:

i tried that torrent as well, within 30 seconds i was at 120k with numerous connections. stopped and disabled encryption, restarted azureus and waited 3 minutes, connected to 1 peer and 1 seed. re-enabled encryption and restarted, connected easily and was over 100 within 30 seconds.

am i being singled out by citywest here? :frowning:
or by enabling encryption am i going incog on the tracker as well?

I’m trying that torrent as well… it’s coming through at a steady 180. I wish they all came that fast :frowning:

i was getting 500 kbs before i quit that file…
Nate thanks my download’s did get some what better with your info…
bitspirit sucks Azureus rocks…Thanks Mig and Nate for your help…

ABC works fine for me… I don’t know how to fully utilize the program, but it does the job just fine.


Yea, like I said, a shitty, or outdated client with bugs, or doing something the other torrent trackers/clients don’t like, will lead to getting blacklisted. Speeds won’t decrease immediately, but over time, as more and more clients/trackers ban you, eventually it’ll run like shit.

Honestly, I’ve experienced the exact same problem as the original poster. After doing much of the same research, and I am confident that the problem was a result of tracker blacklisting. Many of the major warez torrent aggregating websites host torrents that mostly reference a small number of major trackers, so getting blacklisted by one can cause you to be unable to access a huge number of torrents.

My only advice is to always adhere to a minimum 1:1 upload/download ratio.