Bikes Stolen

My kids store their bikes under the patio in the back yard, under a tarp and locked to the main cement/wood beam. My dog was barking crazy at around 5am I checked around and could not see anyone. Turns out I owe the dog a BIG steak, some jerk who must of had a whole lot of time, cut the big chain lock and took out a lot of my wooden beam!  Frigging nutso neighbour probably because I chased his dog off my property and threw the poop back onto his deck. ARRGH

Okay I tried but I just could not get anyone to bite. Lots of good ones on here though!

Happy April Fool’s Day.


You are so ugly that when you were born the Dr slapped your mother.  From my 9 year old!


That link was from a friend who got me this morning…grrrr…  lol
I hope it didn’t cause any panic.  :wink:

OMG you guys know what?

In my Tourism 12 class today, my Teacher (I won’t name them in respect to him) interrupted our regular Lesson to announce that we were going on a Vancouver get-away trip.

Yessir, I’m serious. He also told us that the Principal of CHSS agreed to fund a better part of the Trip & Accommodations.

By now, Everyone’s mouth was almost half way down to the table.

Which is when, Unfortunately, the Teacher also reminded us that it was April Fools Day, and laughed at us really hard…

He better be careful … I hear the chickens are ready to make a return to CHSS haha!

Hahahahahah :smile: