Bike trip from Rupert to Terrace - advice

A friend of mine is cycling and camping from Rupert to Calgary this summer. He was wondering about the Rupert to Terrace stretch.

Are there any campsites along the way?  We know about Exchamsiks, but that’s a bit far. Anything around 50km or so?

Anybody else do this kind of trip before? 

There’s that spot at Kasiks, imagine they’d let him camp there.

Why not just ride the whole way in a day, many people do.

Exstew its a bit off the beaten path but It’d be a hell of a place to rest.  I’m assuming road bike though so gravel/bumps are out of the question?

Camp on the bar. 70k or at the kasics campground or the kasics river bridge.

exchamsiks…on the boat launch side…I have pitched a tent there before…

Me too… thats where my daughter was conceived.

(not really)

Lots of gear, 2 people, and it’s the first day of the trip.

Bob, if you’re reading this, you can reply :smile:

I’ve seen people camped at the Mount Maclean rest stop, on the little grassy strip beyond the two outhouses.  That’s about 60 clicks out of Rupert. 

Hole in the Wall is a sweet little spot just past the entrance to the day area at Exchamsiks on the river side.

I’m driving up that way tomorrow, I’ll keep my eyes open.

There’s the rest area at John Little Falls, too…that’s maybe 5km towards Rupert from Shames so that’s after the Terrace hills and just starting the long flat 80 km along the river. It’s only 25 - 30 km from Terrace, though.

Check out the “” page to see descriptions of the route broken down into the various legs of the relay (as described while travelling from Rupert to Terrace) with distances, hills, and pullouts listed.

Get to the opening of the Skeena and look for parts where the old highway are still together,they make for good spots to camp and there are lot’s of them all the way along.

If they are still enroute, and you are going to have further contact with them prior to arrival, I highly recommend Kasiks wilderness resort, very nice camping area, excellent restaurant, showers, a room if they want, and it is almost exactly halfway. Otherwise there are many of the other areas already mentioned here, the rest areas at George little falls ( Andesite creek ) Telegraph point, or the little creek just east of the Khyex river. Other wise as Jesus has suggested Extew is also excellentthe campsite is only 6 KM off the hwy. which may seem like a bit far on a bike, but would be very worthwhile for the scenery, and the waterfalls.

Kasiks (which my iPhone keeps correcting as “Oasis”) is about 95k fro
Rupert, right?  Probably a bit far.

Anyway, I think they have a lot of options, and since it the first day of their trip, they can just stop when they find a suitable place?

Tons of little pulloffs along the highway they could set up camp at.  They won’t have any trouble!