Bigfoot spotted, Sasquatch sighting reported to UFO Research

Houston Today.

Published: September 10, 2008 8:51 AM
Updated: September 14, 2008 3:41 PM

A woman on Buck Flats Road reported a Sasquatch sighting on Aug. 26 to Brian Vike, Director of Houston British Columbia Canada (HBCC) UFO Research.

She made the report 29 days after the July 28 sighting simply because she didn’t not know who she should tell.

“It was my neighbour who said Brian was the person to talk to,â€


Reported 29-July-2008
24-July-2008, Highway 16, Prince Rupert (Prudhomme Lake), BC: (11:20 pm)

We were camping at prudomme lake, crisp clear night, lots of stars out, sitting around camp fire my wife and 15 yr old daughter were looking for shooting stars  then all of a sudden a bright light appeared on the horizon. it was too low for a satellite, if I held my hand up it appeared to be as large as my thumb nail. as it moved across the sky it looked like an asterisk * really bright in the centre like a head light of a car. by the time me and  Sam (friend) got to the road it was disappearing behind the mountain maybe a 1000 foot high mountain. we could not see any other lights of different colors just bright white. This all lasted for about 30 to 45 seconds. then still standing on the road me and Sam saw a satellite going by but then all of a sudden the light appeared going in the opposite direction I pointed it out to Sam and just at that moment the light vanished like someone shut off a light switch it was dark in the sky again and still no other lights or noise what so ever.

Screenshot or it didn’t happen

Funny that they dismiss the idea of a satellite, because it was “too low” when that’s exactly the best place to see most satellites.  And disappearing and reappearing randomly at night would be because it’s going behind mountains.

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With the millions of people who have cellphones with built-in cameras, you’d think photos of these would actually be popping up. Until then they’re all cwazy.

Pffft.  I’ll believe it when I see Bigfoot.  I’d like to believe, but, there’s no conclusive evidence that it exists.

Just make sure you have lots of Kokanee on hand when he/she knocks on your door! :sunglasses:

Ha-ha-ha-ha, will do! :smiley: … sasquatch/