Big holes in the road

Anybody know of any other watermain breaks this weekend other than the big honkin holes on jamaica and then on Fulton, behind the college on the way down to third??

Good day to make some ot for the works dept…


I guess that explains why our taxes are going up?

There were 3 watermains that broke last night all around the same time.  Jamaica, Fulton and I think 8th west? 

The City needs to pay off debts…so we’re paying huge tax bills. :astonished:

i heard there was a small earthquake on friday around 1030 pm    had to many at the xmas party to feel

there water comming out of the side walk at the side of the movie theater. this is what happens when the city puts all there money into one thing and forget the rest of the city infrastructure, like water and sewer. I think parts of town still have the old types of clay pipes, I remember when they re-did 3 ave and you could see the old clay pipes. LOL…

I dont think it was an earthquake that broke the pipe lines… thats a rumor for shure, im shure you would have seen or heard somthing from the news.

My guess is “Sewer Monsters” trying to attack Rupert, but they could not brake free of all the ashfalt and concret the city just keeps putting and adding on the previous holes on our roads insted of fixing it all properly.

So watch out everyone the end is near! the monsters are taking over


What!..It could happen
sounds more realistic than an earthquake

It’s ductile iron pipe of some flavour I imagine, which degrades over time with rust and electrolysis.

PVC 0wnz.

Could be an earthquake.  OMG!!!

There was one in Penticton this morning that measured 3.3. 

3.3, that’s it?  That doesn’t even get me out of my chair anymore.