Big dudes want a shirt?

only worn the once you see in the photos, XXL,

free for the taking, or if you want to barter for something in S or M, i’m game, but thats not necessary.

gildan ultraweight cotton, and stuff. FREE FREE FREE.

norco logo and stuff.
(sucks being the last to pick your freebies).

alpinescrub at the g unit mail system dot communism

wow that is the nicest most positive post I have ever read from yourself scrub. sucks to be little

you wanna trade for a northwest weekly tshirt?

My dad went on a trip to Toronto to visit my uncle, and he brought me back an XL, bright yellow, Spongebob Squarepants t-shirt. Now, I’m a tall dude, but I’m not that big, so I usually wear a S or M (I dislike baggy clothes). Also, I don’t think I’ve ever worn a yellow shirt. Generally I stick to black and blue, with the occasional dark red or green. Now, my sister, who is 12, likes this Spongebob character. How he got the idea that I do as well, I don’t know. Don’t get me wrong, my dad is generally a pretty cool guy. He also brought back some wicked cool Molson boxers and a TML hacky-sack, which incorporates two of my favorite things (the maple leafs, and hacky-sack). But the t-shirt is a mystery to me. I don’t think he intended for it to be a joke gift, because he seemed put off when I laughed at it.


grammar would good be to learn

I personally think gibs0n should keep it and grow into it :wink: heheh

yea, i dunno dude, im pretty sure i could walk out of this shirt if i wanted.

if the shirt was any longer, you would look like a monk.

[quote=“Alpine Scrub”]


grammar would good be to learn. I need to get a haircut[/quote]

this is the internet, i dont fucken care how I type, I have no one to impress. HTMF is not a school of dorks, we do not get graded on our grammar

It is good practice, and when you have to type for school, it will come easier.

hehe, very funny. You know what I meant.

Are you certain of that? At some point down the road you may go to apply for a job or a loan or a passport or whatever, and the person handling the application may decide to do a google search on your name… do you really not care what you say, knowing it may come back and haunt you?

Well, I doubt they can trace it back to you, let alone prove it. Besides, if her name is simply “Prudence”, then she may have problems, but that is not probable (I think).

You know what’s funny? When you meet somebody you only know online, or only know through HTMF postings.

You form an image in your mind about the person based on how they express themselves. It’s the traditional MiG cliché: The medium is the message.

If all you know of somebody is how they sound, then you’re going to form a unique vision of that person if they stutter, if they mumble, if they use a strange accent. If they speak like a news anchor, then you’ll have a different vision.

If all you know of somebody is how they look on TV, then you have a unique idea about them as well (the famous example is the Nixon-Kennedy debate, which made Nixon look sneaky and shifty-eyed).

Of course, these visions of people change when you finally meet them. Ask hoshq. He’s not nearly as annoying in real life as he is on here. Neither am I … ok, yeah, I am.

Grammar and spelling are part of this medium – if you want people to think you’re a 12-year old, then write like one. The internet is cool in that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, it’s how you express yourself. If you express yourself like you’re in grade 5, then that’s how people will see you. Until they meet you in real life.

I guess I’m lucky in that I’ve met most of the HTMF’ers, so I know what people are really like – it’s usually nothing like they are here. But there are a few of you who I haven’t met, and my only impression of you is what you write here.

So yeah, spelling and grammar is irrelevant to people who know you. Just like mumbling on the phone is irrelevant to people who know you. But to complete strangers, that’s all they have on which to base an impression of you.

Yeah, like if you ever apply for a job as an editor:


She has nobody to impress, because most of us already know her, and the spelling and grammar is irrelevant.

Actually google is pretty htmf-loving these days, so try not to associate your real name with stuff if you don’t want it to be easily searched.

On that note, we should do another HTMF gettogether, maybe a barbeque out at Diana or something like that. If there’s alcohol, we could get ngillis to take the pictures…

Speaking of people I only know through what I see on HTMF.

I would definitely be down for a drunken HTMF shindig.


Agree’d Eese,
and we can be the band that plays live (har har)

Drunken HTMF shindig…hmmm… I can not even picture it, but let’s hope no one spills anything on their precious laptops.
And if I was to drink around Hosh, the three foot personal space rule would definately apply.