Better deals on cellphone contracts coming in a year, report says

I wonder if Rupert will be affected by these launchings?

CBC News

Canadian consumers should wait another year for new entrants to join Canada’s wireless market before signing any new cellphone contracts, a telecommunications report said Tuesday.

While many companies that won spectrum from last year’s auction of wireless airwaves have yet to announce launch dates and pricing plans, telecom consultancy SeaBoard Group said the new offerings should bring more competition and lead to better value for consumers.

“Friends don’t let friends sign wireless contracts — at least for a year or so,” said the SeaBoard Group in its report, entitled The Shape of the Market to Come.



How about not signing a contract at all? Hell… even CityWest is selling pay as you go phones now aren’t they?

I’ve found that I have no need to have a cell phone bound to my hip. If I did, then I’d go pay-as-you-go … at a reasonable price. It’d have to be equal to a land line in price, too.

i.e.: no text, just phone, thanx.

How can they give sweet customer deals and recover the complete hosing they took in the spectrum auction?
Sounds like the business plan is to lose money but bleed away enough customers they get bought out by Bell, Telus or Rogers 5 years down the road…

Is this the promotion?

someone sent me these the other day:

Ironically telus has been much better (and cheaper) for me than rogers. Fuck rogers.