Bet I have the slowest internet?
just moved to a new house that barely has reception.

Happened to me when I stopped by at Chase during my trip to Vancouver 2 weeks ago.

All 4 bars, indicated 3G, but no internet connection? O_o

I’m in McLure - It’s a dead zone I’d say. Now to see if I can cancel the contract with Rogers. Bell has full service.


Who knew there was such a thing? The only thing slower would be dots and dashes.


New provider not much better. I guess I should be happy to have anything at all. I have faster speeds with my 3g Iphone 4 on 7 11 speakup … then I do with shitywest, I pay for premuim ADSL, and this is what i get I upload my HD video to facebook about 4 times faster then shitywest can on my 3g. i can stream video on my iphone faster then my home computer…

oh and what funny is they tell you no use the test in Prince Rupert, and see what you get. PIC below
but Im sorry I dont stream netflix from prince rupert, oh its not on our end its on the other end…
blaa blaaa blaaa I just want to watch farscape with out 10 x the buffering …

Mine’s better in the morning.