Best website in Prince Rupert?

Hundreds of people entered. It took 27 hour to input the results.

Come on, this is a good thing!  We’re going to enjoy this! :smiley:
HTMF is number 1. :sunglasses:

I think some categories should be abolished… like Best Sports Store… um we have ONE… of course Far West is going to win!

Well if Zellers can win for best children’s clothing then I guess  in theory Zellers could have won for Best sporting good, best music, best shoes, video, stationary, hardware etc, etc, and on and on 

Zellers has the best levels.

The last boss is hard though.

Nah! You know when the last boss comes at you with the box cutters while he throws empty boxes at you? You’re supposed to jump onto the shoe rack (on your right, when you first enter the scene) and attack from that vantage point. After you toss no less than 4 pairs of gumboots at him, you’re supposed to, while he’s dazed, run into the electronics section and toss DVD’s at him. Just keep going and eventually he’ll topple.

Your choice how you wish to end it: a’la Mortal Kombat.

:neutral_face: … D=17505169

Do it online with a database, so it will do everything for you…

Nice! This was shown on Attack of the Show on Friday

We use a spreadsheet program that was set up last year. It works quite well. One sheet for each category and then a row for each winner put a 1 under the winner the row with the highest score wins. It’s pretty easy just time consuming going through each entry.

I’m just thinking that if you did it online (with a website), then you wouldn’t have to enter anything in at all (27 hours?  Woah!).  It would do all the hard work for you.

But then again, maybe Daily News readers aren’t the web-savvy type.

Were the ballots all on paper?

I see what you’re saying now. All the ballots were on paper but maybe doing a combination next year with answers online and then written ballots might make it easier for some people to complete and save us some work. Good idea.

Now to find a web designer who can create such a monster and host it for us, being as we’re not web savy enough to have a webpage our own yet. Although it is coming the company has narrowed down to two suppliers and there’s two proto types being worked on. I’m not sure if they’re live yet but Prince George and Squamish will get the first trial launch.

There are a lot of free poll-type hosts out there.  Do a google search for “free web poll” and “free web survey.”

Hehe. You’d think that in a poll about web sites that they’d also have access to a web poll. Seems almost strange, frankly, that the subject of a poll would be digital yet votes taken via paper. Cute, anyhow. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a really cool one to add but I won’t mention it till I move there. :smile:

It’s not geared for rupert thought… More the world.

I’ll disclose my site when living there :smile:

Good job by the way!

there was some thing fishy going on with that
Daily News Readers Choice thingy.

2 things were brought up:

1, News Paper with poll was sent out late in the summer (not too many people in town)
then the results came out during begining of school (everyones back)

*This poll was Designed to have Few Poll Responses and Maximum readers to see Results.

2, Daily News has Refused to publish actual vote numbers and runners up.
*offical polls need to meet this requirement.

Furthermore, employees of winning businesses said they were ‘reminded’ about the
poll and to fill in there business. some employees even said an east indian lady from
the daily news reminded owners about the poll.

Business who did not win were oblivious to this poll and were not ‘reminded’ about
its coming time. unless that is if they read that one issue of The Daily News with the poll.

-This gave an unfair advantage to the stores that were reminded as they
had time to organize their staff to vote for them.

*Overwaitea and Extra Foods were Oblivious to this Readers Poll
while Safeway was informed.
(personally i feel Safeway offers more, but not enough to win EVERY Catagory!)

This whole formula is the Classic Scam to sell ads in the form of 1st place winners.
Reminding some business about the poll and leaving others in the dark
is giving an unfair advantage.

Some people speculated last year that the businesses informed
were ‘good customers’ of the Daily News and the "Reminder about the poll"
was a “you scratch my back, ill scratch yours” payback.

To be fair, Everyone had access to that nights paper with the poll.
But it was summer, and not to many people were reading it or
weren’t even in town. This perfect timing gave a huge advantage to the
people “in the know”.

As for me personally, i didnt hear about the poll till the results came in
that paper. I don’t really care who wins or looses but im always surprised
with who wins. The fact that this poll is kinda wishy-washy bothers me to.
id at least like to see a vote count.

Ooooh. A conspiracy theory! I love those.  :smiley:

another poll is being questioned also.

The New Mix: Best of the 80’s 90’s and Now
claims in their ad.

“We asked you” *Poll, what do you want from us (want to hear)
“You said, More Music, More Variety”

*Claim is that the public was asked their opinion about what should change.
Mix then claims they listened and are offering something new.

Most people would say The Mix has not changed and are still playing
the same old music they have been playing forever.
only difference is that they changed their name.

*There is no record of the public being asked their opinion.
only records of complaints about too much old music.

The Mix has changed their name now so at least they can
come by is honestly now. old music is in there name.

-This is false advertising * poll was a sham

I found a nice PHP script to place a random poll on our town website. I make up a handful of questions every season and post them, and they are quite popular.
As with everything else in the Fort, no one ever suggests anything so they get silly sometimes. Last year’s most responded to poll (by far) was:

[code]If someone pointed a TV Newscam at you would you:

  1. Wave?
  2. Wave and yell “Hi Mom!”
  3. Try to sneak away.[/code]