Best website in Prince Rupert?

Not that there are many to choose from, but I hear the readers of the Daily News have chosen a website as “the best website in Prince Rupert.”

Guess who won?


Not that there are many to choose from[/quote]

Many websites, or many readers?  :wink:

LOL, oooh somebody’s not going to get their free Friday paper tonight…

The paper’s running late today. Sorry folks.

Does that mean that I’m a celebrity?  :sunglasses:
Gosh, right up there with  jesus and rollins.  Just what I wanted!  :neutral_face:

Is it HTMF?  I didn’t get the snooze tonight:-)

Is Friday’s paper free?  Or do I have to go to Eddie’s and buy it?

My snail mail indicator hasn’t gone off all night (ie: my dog hasn’t barked), so I don’t think we’ve received the Daily News.

I dunno, MiG.  I did get the snooze for free for awhile, but not anymore.

Oh yeah, you know what this thread reminds me of?

Oh yeah baby. 

The snoozle is supposed to still be free on Weds and Fridays, though there was something posted about it being late tonight earlier on…

Unless of course you’re Crazy Mike and have tempted the delivery Gods with snide comments about readership :imp: 

Congratulations Mig on your success as “best website”

But how come you didn’t purchase a half page ad like all the other winners???  :wink:

Very cool, MiG! :sunglasses:  Congratulations, man!  HTMF is my favourite port of call:-)

did u get a plaque or something dude?

Nothing yet.  Didn’t even get the paper – I went and bought it at Eddie’s.

The people have spoken htmf is the best in Rupert

Yeah , Well done Mig . I am hooked on here as you well know and so are many other funseekers. Good show.

Umm . . . HTMF is obviously the best website in town; it’s like falling out of bed. That the Daily News recognizes it as such doesn’t mean a whole lot. Nothing personal, Paperboyz, but this is basically a promotion. I mean, really, how many people actually voted?

Party Pooper :stuck_out_tongue:

Let us enjoy the limelight for a bit.  I’ll have to wear gloves the next time I’m in town so that people don’t recognize me by my thumb.