Best comedies ever

Can anyone suggest some great comedies for me to watch? I just saw Wedding Crashers, and it reminded me of how enjoyable an actual funny movie can be. It’s not too hard to find a decent drama or suspense movie, but really funny movies are few and far between.

Some of my favorite comedies are:

Duck Soup
The Big Lebowski
Blazing Saddles
Some Like it Hot
A Fish Called Wanda
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
This is Spinal Tap

Old or new, it doesn’t matter. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

anything from Kevin Smith
Strange Brew
Revenge of the Nerds
Dumb & Dumber
The Whole 9 Yards
Rush Hour 1 and 2
Finding Nemo, Shrek, Monsters Inc, Toy Story,
Liar Liar
Mean Girls
Without a Paddle
Meet the Parents
Old School
Blue Collar Comedy Tour

There’s TONS more, but that’s a start.

cyprusavenue im happy to see you have calvin and hobbes on your shelf.

The Ruling Class, starring Peter O’Toole as Jesus Christ and Jack the Ripper. Mid-1970s but hard to find.

Farrelly brothers movies are a good start (Kingpin, There’s Something About Mary, Me, Myself and Irene).

I also like the **American Pie **movies, **Meet the Parents **and its sequel Meet the Fockers.

I also agree with smartass about the Kevin Smith movies, especially Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma, and Jay and Silent Bob.

The Coen brothers movies are quite good too. They are usually darker comedies, but they make me laugh pretty hard (The Big Lebowski, Raising Arizona, The Ladykillers).

I’m more of a dramatic movie kind of guy, but those are some pretty great comedies to start with.

Ok the newest funniest movie is definitely Wedding Crashers. I just watched it last night. Anyone else watch it? Owen Wilson is my all-time favorite actor…I could die happy to meet him and ummm Dave Navarro! Talk about hottie! I watch Rock Star just to see him. The people sing pretty good too…I’m glad they kicked off Tara.

Oh Lord here we go with another Owen Wilson Appreciation thread…

Haha, I take it ur not that big of an owen fan? lol. I can talk about Dave Navarro all day if you like him better haha. Sorry–I’ve taped every episode of Rock Star and ya…I’ve definitely had my dose of Dave that can last me until the next show on tuesday haha.

What movies have you seen recently?

hmmm let me guess… your 14 or 15 years old.

When I saw your name, it propmted me to mention a great comedy: Eddie Murphy: Delerious. It’s a stand-up act he did for HBO just after he left Saturday Night Live circa 1983. Raw was pretty good too, but Delerious was better.

The Groove Tube: An SNL type comedy with a pre-SNL Chevy Chase included.

The bestest funny movie ever was Robin Williams: Live on Broadway. I have seen lots of standups, and nothing comes remotely close to this. Although Another quite funny stand up is Denis Leary’s Cure for Cancer.

I must have gotten the best ab workout from laughing so hard watching Robin Williams: Live on Broadway…it’s absolutely hilarious.

“I’m not going anywhere, ha ha ha ha ha ha”

Best part is the ending though

Here is an old one, but a funny one.

Stir Crazy starring Gene Wilder and Richard Pryer.
Also, I find that “Saw” was pretty funny.

I was trying to remember the name of that one during a beery conversation a few weeks back…

from the same era: Dark Star
Animal House
The Life of Brian & The Meaning of Life
Airplane (it was so stupid, i started to leave but i collapsed lauging into a seat and just ended up further back in the theatre…)
The Man with 2 brains

Yeah, the Live on Broadway one was great. If you can find his other two standups on tape or DVD (Live at the Met and Reality: What a concept!) then you’d be very happy too I’m sure.

A couple of other standup comedians I like are Gallagher and Dennis Miller. They’re quite different though; Dennis Miller tends to be quite cereberal, and a lot of his jokes go over most people’s heads. Gallagher tends to be a bit more accessible, as he includes a lot of visual humour in his shows. Especially his finale where he takes his giant sledgehammer and smashes stuff on stage with it, culminating with a watermelon. Always fun.

I grew up watching Gallagher. I’d always have a good laugh at the idiots sitting in the front rows, who wore white or nice clothes, and didn’t always get the plastic sheet up in time.

LOL. gosh…its cuz i went on and on about dave right? sorry…when i crush…i really crush lol. speaking of crush…rock star will be on in 15 minutes yay…and no…its not passed my bedtime hehe =)

At least Dave Navarro is a pretty talented musician. Oh yeah, and his wife’s not bad looking either.