We should start a little contest starting today on who has the best avatar.
We could start with nominations. How about nominate the top 10.

3 judges will be elected, the judges cannot be in the contest.

How about the moderators for judges:?:

More like nominations for who has the most time on their hands.

There aren’t 10 people with cool avatars that regularly post.

I’ve always liked the idea of having a style quote db exclusive to HTMF.

Time would probably be better spent reading


micros~1 has m4d sk1llz yo! … dtalk.mspx

7H475 50M3 51LLY 5H17! 1 VV0ND3R VVHY ‘*.AXE’ D1DN’7 M4K3 7H3 CU7…

Personally, I love just writing micros~1, so any excuse to say micros~1 in a post is a good one.

Also, micros~1…

Dude, did you download the progra~1 I sent you?

So that kind of means…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.



I win.

Of course you do! No one can get more cowbell than you.

/votes mEtHaD

Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos!

  1. Mig
  2. ghost3x
  3. Soggy

Alright, looks like MiG wins.

I vote for ghost3x or whatever that’s a cool pic.

  1. wondermike
  2. 3x
  3. Mig
  4. methad

I vote for myself, and mEtHaD

i vote for seth.

more cowbell!