Bell's new cellphone network launches Wednesday … aunch.html

Except Prince Rupert, apparently.

Psh… no one here would be interesting in that kind of thing anyways. Seriously Mig. Who is more in tune with the community, you or CityWest?  :cry:

Hey come on folks, there’s nothing wrong with the service, just the folks that use it with their unrealistic demands and such …

Using our cell phones for every day use like Texting, Web Browsing… oh and actual Phone Calls is not an unrealistic demand :stuck_out_tongue:

I speak out of mere observation of other’s use of the service, not personal experience of course.

My intentions weren’t to disprove you either, my interpretation on the subject could be wrong, I’ll admit that.

So, since bell and telus are launching GSM networks. That means anyone traveling out of rupert, who has a citywest phone, will be without service?

I love prince rupert… No, really, I do… :unamused:

Makes me glad I switched to Rogers.

I doubt they’ll be turning off their CDMA network anytime soon.  But the writing is on the wall for Citywest.  I wonder how long it will take them to realize it?

Is this correct?  Oh I love Rogers…:smile: