Bell or Rogers

I don’t know if this topic has been on here before. But anyway my daughter is looking to purchase an Iphone and was wondering which is the better service provider Bell or Rogers ?

My family uses three cell phones on the Rogers network. We are very happy with the connectivity.

rogers as i can slip in a 7 11 speakout card and they work…

Does 7/11 have the mini SIM card?

I’m in the same predicament. The decision is actually a 3-way between Bell (The Source), Rogers (EastWind) or Telus (Sight and Sound, Terrace). Telus gives you a Port Edward number which I believe is local.
I hear good and bad on all 3 as far as connection and speed. So I guess my decision will be based more on who gives the better deal and/or who will get an iphone 4s in for me first.
As far as the better deal…if you need two smart phones…go with Rogers…you’d get a free Samsung Tablet with the purchase of a family plan on 3 year contract ($150’ish/month if you want voicemail and call display)
But I only want one iphone 4s. Right now I think the better deal is The Source. You get everything you would want for $72/month on a 3 year contract plus $100 in store credit for the month of December. The inconvenience is you get a long distance number at first until they can find you a local one which they do in the first week or so they say. With Bell you get unlimited facebook for what that’s worth. Don’t forget though that with any of the services you can access internet sites like that for free through a wifi connection (ie. it doesn’t count as data)
Rogers is offering the 200 minutes of free local calls also includes long distance for the life of your contract (they think)(lol). I think there’s some other freebies there like unlimited data the first month or something.
Telus has the most expensive start up cost it seems if I understand it correctly. You have to pay $175 for the first month for the$70 plan plus the $35 activation fee. But that plan includes 6GB of data per month as opposed to the 1GB on the Rogers and Bell plans. I think 6GB is probably more than most people need…especially if you use wifi instead of cell phone. Telus has the cheapest long distance at 40c /min as opposed to 45c for the others.
But long distance might not be much of an issue because all 3 services give you a favorite 10 unlimited calling which can be long distance numbers.
Also, not sure, but I think you can Skype on the iphone so that’s cheap long distance there too.

Citywest is promising smart phone service “in the new year”. I’ll believe it when I see it. I don’t think I can wait that long.

Oh…and I think the 16GB iphone 4s’s are about $159 with 3 year contracts at all 3 places.

Basically throw a cell phone in the air and see where it lands…I think but I’m not sure the best deal is Bell but it’s all pretty close.

Im on Telus just picked up the new Samsung galaxy s2x this things pretty snappy and the network is quick too (though im sure Jason says it sucks). Highly recommend Telus/this phone. I expected to hate Telus but ive been with them for 4 years and so far when I call them with a problem they fix it and usually give me a 10.00 credit. I signed another contract with them because the buyout is what I would habe paid for the phone which will work on any network. Pretty much a win win

Well that definitely adds more complication to the decision…the Samsung Galaxy S II ! People who have iphones love them but this one just makes more sense if you like going on the internet with your phone. I think the flash player and the android platform might take the advantage over iphone?? Hard to know what to do…I’m frozen on the spot here with indecision.

Oh and if you’re picking iphone over Samsung Galaxy based just on Siri…I just played with a friend’s iphone and the Siri worked like crap…her response to everything was either “i don’t understand” or “to what email address should I send this”…not useful at all.


Does 7/11 have the mini SIM card?[/quote]

no, I just cut mine to match a mini sim card…

Flash is disabled on my phone. Its nice to have if you need it for a poorly designed website but is mostly useless.

I want to like apple but I just dont enjoy their products or their business practices. There are things I dont like.about my phone but for.the most part its pretty rad. Dual core 1.5GHz processor 1GB of ram is enough for anybody ™