Bell Coverage?

I’m thinking of trying out Bell pay as you go, and im wondering if bell phone work in rupert? If so how is the service?

Runs on the Telus network.

Does that mean bell/telus work in rupert??

i have no problems with bell and rupert

From a previous discussion on this subject… … 899.0.html

Thanks I didnt see that before

Words cannot express my rage at telus/citywest. I try to make a phone call including *611 and i get ‘we’re sorry that is not a feature currently available to you’  Great… fucking tards cant even make a phone make phone calls.

I’m not even a citywest customer and I’m getting screwed by their shit network… Good way to attract new customers… provide piss poor service. But dont worry citywest employees the hard working people of prince rupert will continue to subsidize your bloated salaries even if you have no customers left.


I realize there are some good employees there and have dealt with them in the past but whoever is in charge of the cell service really needs to get their shit together.