Being a teacher

does it suck?

does the idealism of wanting to help improve young people’s worldviews and outlook on education and learning and school burn away the first bunch of annoying snotnosed jackasses you have to deal with?

or is it slowly exfoliated away in the 5 years of schooling and busting your ass at shitty summer jobs putting yourself through school only to come out not that far ahead at the end.

someone break it down for me, i think there are a few teachers on this bb? :wink:

any word on demand for science teachers at the highschool level in 5 years?

In answer to your last question, apparently Mr. Freeman will be retiring (from what ive heard) in 2009. To take his place will be Mr. McDonald (not the old counsellor but some new young dude)

im inquiring basically province-wide.

althoguh ive heard its easier to get jobs in “hell holes” like rupert.

Go crab fishing for a few years. You will make more money!

Mr. McDonald will not be taking over. When you become a teacher, you are required to serve as a student teacher to complete your practicum, as Mr. McDonald was doing. Then you start at the bottom of the substitute teacher list, when you get to the top of the list, you will be offered a full time position.

Seriously, science teachers will always be in demand. And about your first questions, maybe we should talk about this in another venue because there is quite a lot to discuss.

Well I’d be very suprised if he isnt able to accomplish that in four years

Than again substituting and waiting to get a full time job must be tough.

Definitely, where is your haunt of choice BigThumb, a beer or caffee on me one day?

PM me. We’ll check our schedules.