Bear spray at the OV?

Anyone have any info on this incident?

What does "“OV” stand for?

Ocean View Hotel, you need to get out more :wink:

Haven’t heard about the incident though… maybe they ended cheap beer nights… :blush:

Ha ha, yeah, I should get out more so that I can get pepper sprayed, apparently!

Ah that’s only on ladies night, skip Wednesday’s and all is good… :imp: :imp:

Apparently someone let loose bear spray or something like it, which spread through the air vents. Guy at the front desk complains first and soon those in the bar start expriencing the same thing.

This is second hand and is still at “rumour” level.

I heard something similar…it’s really occured but details are sparse

I was clueless on the OV to, i was thinking overwaitea

Surprising… :imp: :imp:

And… soooo what happened? Everyone got hairy and bear-like?